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Drs. McAuley & Richardson, Announce 2019 Launch of Clean Scrub Technologies, Inc a Novel and Innovative Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Technology

Author: on March 13th, 2019
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Clean Scrub Technologies (CST) is a recently formed company that is rapidly becoming an industry name in carbon dioxide sequestration. Through extensive testing and research, CST has developed a new and innovative closed loop system and gas pretreatment systems that recycles reactants used in the process and unconventional low energy solids separation methodology for essentially […]
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Dr. Hopke Leads Biomass Combustion Research Projects at Clarkson University

Author: on March 4th, 2014
Topic: Environment » Sustainability

Photo of Sustainable Biomass Wood Pellets

With energy costs rising and increasing awareness of environmental damage from fossil fuel emissions, the quest for sustainable energy that burns with fewer toxic emissions is at the forefront of environmental research. Biomass combustion may be a promising source of sustainable energy that is more affordable and pollutes less than burning fossil fuels. Philip K. […]
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Eco-Friendly Energy Savings Program Helps City Save $8 Million per Year and Create New Jobs

Author: on February 3rd, 2014
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Photos Courtesy of: Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau (http://www.memphistravel.com)

CHANGE Advisory Board Member Peter Torrellas recently helped the Mayor of Memphis, TN unveil a new, forward-thinking environmental program designed to slash the city’s energy costs while creating new jobs to bolster the local economy.  Mr. Torrellas suggested that the Memphis Clean and Green program could become a global model for similar efforts and described […]
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