Water/Waste Water Engineering

  • Water Quality Evaluations and Testing
  • Wetland Permit Applications/Mitigation Strategies
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • State Discharge Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (SPDES)
  • Waste Water Management & Engineering

Our Work


Client Confidential, Virginia


Carried out temperature modeling using various equations to determine impacts of water cooling in effluent holding on effluent dissolved oxygen levels as part of stream modeling project. This yielded an overall process improvement in regulating discharge and temperature.

Primary clarifier

Client Confidential, New Brunswick, Canada

New Brunswick, Canada

Conducted an evaluation of mill sludge handling and primary clarifier to determine and fix cause of floating primary sludge, which was being shown to combine with polymer overfeed, air entrainment and woodyard water mixed with primary sludge.

Water Retention pond

Client Confidential, AL

Prepared and provided detailed review of treatment technologies for secondary fiber pulp and paper wastewater, including ultrafiltration, RO, SBR, anaerobic treatment, activated sludge treatment and sludge handling methods.

Retention pond

Client Confidential, Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Carried out two sludge depth studies for an aerated stabilization basin. Additional items included sediment sampling, water quality and tracer studies using lithium chloride. This resulted in waste water treatment optimization.

hand holding a sample

Client Confidential, Karnataka, India

Karnataka, India

Evaluation for effluent color removal and sludge handling improvements that yielded lower of operations costs and improved regulatory compliance.

Compliance Checklist

Client Confidential, West Virginia

West Virginia

Conducted an evaluation of a large paper and pulp client to mitigate the impacts caused by the paper mill landfill shifting, causing an overtopping and release of various liquid contaminates down a ravine. Evaluation included the structural capability of the landfill and the causes of the release and to prevent future releases or concerns.

Hand holding water sample

Client Confidential, Grasim, India

Grasim, India

Conducted an evaluation of a large industry practice for pulp and paper for aiding in maximizing process control, color, removal, leakage prevention, from the effluent piping systems, and sludge handling improvements. We also assisted in regulatory compliance and public relations.

Water recycling symbol

Client Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC

Evaluated options for water minimization at a paper manufacturing site, including strategies for reuse, from reduced flow spray nozzles to reusing cooling tower water after wastewater treatment to minimize leaks. Work resulted in client saving over $300,000.00 per year.

Water flowing out of pipe into field

Client Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC

Developed wellfield for a paper manufacturer to avoid cost of purchasing municipal water. This resulted in cost savings of over $200,000 per year.

Man in field looking at tablet

Client Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Prepared a land application study for a recycled paper mill that examined waste including a detailed review of soils, review of prior consultant records and observations, soil reports, and laying out recommendations for land application improvements to be consistent with site soils. We also provided direct insight for future plans to help reduce operating costs for residual soils and solids disposal vs. utilizing failing technology and expenses.