Sustainability, Resiliency and Climate Change

Sustainability Services
• Sustainability plans for higher education and municipalities
• GHG emissions modeling and accounting
• GRI Scope 1, 2 and 3 accounting
• Water resource assessment, conservation and management
• Energy conservation and renewable energy analysis
• Solid waste reduction and management
• Transportation and fuel management
• Sustainable purchasing management
• Public health and well-being
• Community education and awareness
• Higher education lesson plans and lecturing
• Develop framework for prioritizing actions
• Supply chain analysis and circular economy strategy
• Low impact design for new construction
• Energy Procurement Consulting
• Clean Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Project Development
• Business plan review for sustainable product or services

Resiliency and Risk Aversion
• Due diligence
• Compliance
• Secure renewable energy – “Green municipalism”
• Water security and water resource assessment
• Framework development for climate preparedness and resilience that apply to new and existing building design and critical infrastructure
• Geological and geographical review of natural hazards
• Sea level rise adaptation strategy
• Regenerative small-scale agriculture consulting
• Climate change resiliency, including goals related to habitat conservation and ecosystem services