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Drs. McAuley & Richardson, Announce 2019 Launch of Clean Scrub Technologies, Inc a Novel and Innovative Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Technology

Author: on March 13th, 2019
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Clean Scrub Technologies (CST) is a recently formed company that is rapidly becoming an industry name in carbon dioxide sequestration. Through extensive testing and research, CST has developed a new and innovative closed loop system and gas pretreatment systems that recycles reactants used in the process and unconventional low energy solids separation methodology for essentially 100% percent removal of carbon dioxide from any gas stream. The process does use conventional dehydration from slurry to powder that produces a non-toxic and non-hazardous waste that can be used in any number of applications such as soil additive, fertilizers, and treatment of noxious odors.

CST has also surpassed current industry limitation in the ability to specifically design and augment our technology into a client’s technologies by personalized bench and pilot scale application that successfully moves into full scale commercial construction, development, and implementation with guaranteed results immediately upon initiation.

We thank you for opportunity to discuss this novel and innovative technology that is rapidly fighting climate change and helping one day at a time to make a difference in the world we live in.

For more information or to schedule an introductory call, please feel free to contact us either via LinkedIn message, email, or phone.

Timothy R. McAuley, PhD, President at (518)-636-3427; timothy@cleanscrubtechnologies.com
Robert Richardson, PhD, CEO at (530)-474-4819; robert@cleanscrubtechologies.com