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CHANGE Leaving an Impact Far Beyond Environmental Consulting

Author: on March 29th, 2016
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What defines a truly great company? Is it it’s leaders, employees, or those clients it does business with? Perhaps if one is thinking selfishly they may try and rank these accordingly, but they would be missing the point. What is the true value and privilege that as entrepreneurs we really should be seeking? It is the lasting effect that our work creates not only in the immediate, but the long term.

Many great entrepreneurs are recognized for not only taking risk and showing the competence to lead, which a leader is simply the mark by which they can influence others, nothing more or less, but have the ability to move society forward. There work enables a new movement of health, prosperity, confidence, and forever leaves a paradigm that things are getting better and through hard work and dedication any goal can be obtained.

It is with so much pride that here at CHANGE, we have been recognized by our clients domestically and internationally that the work we are doing is not simply a function of completing a contract, earning profits, and seeking that next opportunity, but embracing the values that we have that for every client and helping them move forward and advance.

We look at our projects overseas, both completed and in development and repeatedly have seen that the vision we bring to these clients with their passion has and is changing hundreds and thousands of lives while building sustainable infrastructure that will continue to last for hundreds of years.

I simply wish to take a moment and reflect that we are proud to be globally recognized for establishing a new regime of which the way environmental consulting is being done and focused. It is about the lasting impression and moving outcomes that cannot be summed up in a report, nor outlined on a profit and loss sheet, and not even spoke about directly. It is the ripple effect that through transparency, dedication to excellence, vision, and passion, that the work is completed and the results enable societies to enjoy  in the fact that there futures are protected and most importantly that they felt they were important enough for such an advancement.

To our clients and all of us in the environmental industry, remember what is most important and why we do what we do every day…is it for your glory or all those you impact!