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CHANGE and Green Circle Inc. Sign Multi-Continent Environmental Alliance Agreement

Author: on January 27th, 2016
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Dr. Timothy R. McAuley, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Consulting for Health, Air, Nature, & a Greener Environment, LLC (CHANGE) a world renowned professional expert environmental consulting and research company and Pradeep Joshi, Chairman and President of Green Circle Inc recently completed a multi-continent environmental alliance agreement to assist clients in various countries dealing with a host of environmental compliance needs and efforts.

As a result of CHANGE already having established a robust list of clients internationally including an impressive client list from that of Green Circle Inc the collaboration was designed and established to allow a homogenous mixture of environmental services and experts to help clients in remote areas that between the two companies and their teams both companies can cover all aspects of different environmental markets and services. It was felt that because many of the worlds largest environmental companies do have “offices” in different countries, it is also often that these companies do not provide the same services across these locations often resulting in higher fees and expenses for clients to have to pay for expensive travel to get the right person(s) there. Our design is to eliminate that issue while supporting the needs of governments, private, public and other company structures by having the collaboration in place to bring a consistent and relied upon team of experts that have a local presence to keep costs low while providing a high level of technical and professional expertise.

CHANGE and Green Circle Inc are already taking on business in India, Middle East, Australia, Asia, and Africa through the colllaboration.

For more information on this collaboration, please contact Dr. Timothy R. McAuley of CHANGE at mcauleyt@airqualitychange.com at the Global Headquarters in NY or Mr. Pradeep Joshi at Green Circle, Inc Corporate Headquarters in New Delhi, India via pradeep.joshi@gccipl.net