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CHANGE & ELM & Associates Launch CHANGEAnalytics a Global Healthcare & Wellness Innovation Platform

Author: on August 19th, 2015
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Is your organization struggling with a way to quantify success of its healthcare and wellness program? Are you one of the few employers today absent a corporate wellness program? Successful outcomes are the result of proper strategizing and planning. Let CHANGE help you navigate the unpredictable healthcare environment by conducting a risk analysis on your organization’s health in structural, financial and medical terms.   The result is valuable intelligence executives can use to implement the perfect solution regarding output, employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as bottom lines.  

 Market: Self-funded employers of all sizes, across all demographics and geographical regions; or those fully insured wishing to make the move to self-funded.


  • Affordable Care Act (and related rules & regulations) clarification
  • Modern Population Health Management and Wellness Best Practices
  • Claims Integration and Benefits Modernization
  • Worker’s Compensation Package and Claims Analysis
  • System Optimization for Maximum Human and Financial Return
  • Past, Present & Future ROI Modeling


  • ACA Compliance and ‘Final Wellness Rules’ Employer Advantages
  • Wellness Program Auditing to Promote Maximum Employee Prosperity and Positive Behavior Change
  • Competitive Benefits Package, including Corporate Sustainability & Growth
  • Carrier Decrements, Additional Premium Savings and Carrier Reimbursements
  • Large Claim Audits with Guaranteed Savings
  • Worker’s Compensation Analysis, Tracking and Savings Realization
  • Liability Insurance Premium Reduction, Tax Credits and other savings
  • Analytics, reporting and valuable intelligence in understanding how to proceed with healthcare programming

 Timeline: 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on the presence of biometric data

 Deliverables: Comprehensive analytic risk assessment report, delivered in-person to executive team, with customized healthcare blueprint, VOI (soft savings) demonstrations and ROI (hard savings) modeling.