Profile: Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PhD

Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PhD

Author: on January 5th, 2014
Topic: Chairman & CEO » CHANGE

Timothy R. McAuley, PhD - Board Chairman and Chief Executive Manager, CHANGE

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Board Chairman and Chief Executive Manager

Dr. McAuley has over 12 years of experience conducting consulting and research in the area of air quality and human health risk assessments. His research interests include understanding traffic dynamics through interpretation of near roadside and downwind pollution gradients of various mobile source air toxins, ultrafine particles, and gases produced from combustion. He has been elected membership to several National Academy of Science Boards and Subcommittees in the areas of aviation, transportation, air quality, indoor air quality, exposure assessment, and human health. He is also currently an elected member of the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization Research Committee, Vice Chair of Air & Waste Management Technical Advisory Committee, Air & Waste Management AB-1 Particulate Matter Committee, and Treasurer of the International Society for Exposure Science.

Dr. McAuley received his PhD. in Environmental Science and Engineering and MS in Chemistry and Molecular Chemistry from Clarkson University and his BS in Biochemistry from The College of Saint Rose. His certifications include the ATSDR and Risk Assessment Phase I and II Remediation.